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An emerging TV series about Jesus Christ (The Chosen)

Bretislav Fajmon, 2nd February 2024

I would like to draw your attention to an emerging TV multiseries introducing the life of Jesus Christ. The first three series are available free online, dubbed into multiple languages, and with subtitles in multiple languages, truly an international endeavour; each series consists of 8 episodes of 45 minutes each, starting from the second series the episodes are about 60 minutes long:

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The Holocaust: a Decalogue of Lies

Bretislav Fajmon, 3rd September 2015

Why antisemitism? Thick books have been written on this topic. As Christians my friend and I agreed that the reason behind it is a demonic power, angry at the fact that Jesus Christ has come out of the Jewish nation, or that the Jews were chosen by God to communicate his laws to mankind.

However, in the case of the holocaust, this answer is not satisfactory (holocaust = preplanned killing of the whole nation) for WW2 because the holocaust then consisted in killing not only Jews, but also Poles, Russians and Gypsies. Property was taken from the Jews, but the Gypsies owned nothing and despite this they were killed in large numbers (see [5], p.9). Whatever the causes of the killing of the whole nations in history, Fedor Gál in the documentary [5] summarises the reasons on another level: the people a) stopped seeing people in others; b) and at the same time, they themselves stopped being people.

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Jesus – film (1979)

Bretislav Fajmon, 2nd February 2015

a) I would like to put up a link to the Jesus film dating back to 1979. Director John Heyman tried to create a movie as faithful as possible to the Bible, mainly to the Gospel of Luke. You can see the film (dubbed into Czech) or in the English original on Youtube with English subtitles -- the English and Czech versions differ in the first and last three minutes only where the movie is given special introduction for Czech / English audience (+ a few comments) otherwise the films are identical. The movie was offered to the people in Czechia around 2000 and anyone who ordered the DVD received a free copy.

The online reviews are not always positive but bombastic effects were not in focus for the creators of the film, they simply tried to faithfully set forth the message of the Gospel of Luke, with exactly the same words recorded in the Bible, with no (or just a minimum of) scenes added to it. For this reason the overall impression may be a bit static -- however, this does not diminish the uniqueness of the film by any means. The makers just tried to visually get across the biblical message.

b) In 2007 the film was followed by an interesting project -- a second film was created

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John Lennon and Imagine

Bretislav Fajmon, 1.5.2010, posted in English on 2nd May 2015

In an English lesson recently, we listened to and discussed Imagine, probably the most popular song by John Lennon today (for example on Youtube, and English lyrics and Czech translation). I would like to reproduce these ideas, and add one or two.

As the title in the English textbook says, the Imagine song was written by John Lennon in 1975, when he was on his own, separated from the Beatles. This song became a hit, and later it was listened to again after Lennon's death in 1980, and again after the attack on the World Trade Center in September 2001. Some time ago it was voted British most popular song of all time. What is so attractive in it?

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